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Kay and ''April''

Click here for a video about "April".
(This is a 10MB video download and it will take a few minutes unless you have broadband access)

Kay and Ipo

Kay and "April"

This is "April", a service dog trained for the Cloe family.


I just wanted to share with you a picture of two precious little girls.   They adore each other.   Kay a little more than April (IPO) we have decided to call the dog Ipo.   It means Sweetheart in hawaiian.   Kind of fits with Kayalani.   Ipo thinks it sounds just like April so she responds wonderfully.   They have been together a short time but Ipo has helped us out twice now.   A wonderful addition to our family.   Ipo is enjoying life with us.   She got to see her first movie in a theatre.   Lilo and Stitch.   She had no real comments on it.   She slept through most of it on Kay's lap.   She has gone grocery shopping with us and is very good not to suggest or add things to our menu.   She is even well behaved at restaurants.   She likes to lay under the table until it's time to go.   I think Kay sneaks her some food here and there.   We love you very much and will send more pictures soon.

The Cloes

Here is another success story for an Autism Service Dog trained by Durham Haus Working Dogs.

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