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There are trainers and there are Trainers!

The importance of a dog to many of us is unmeasurable.   The responsibility of countless dogs is to provide service for their leaders.   Some dogs have the responsibility of assisting in health ways.   Many dogs have the responsibility of being a devoted well trained member of the family (THE PACK).  

We can go on for days discussing the assets our dogs can contribute to us. Regardless of what a dog's purpose is.   He must have obedience.

Obedience is more than a puppy class.   Pet stores with dog classes aren't the best choices.   Visit one of their classes and ask the instructor about his training history.   You'll be surprised at the lack of experience the instructor has.

More than likely the trainer has trained his own personal dogs to a TD (Therapy Dog). Most of the pet store trainers haven't the slightest idea of how to use the PACK theory. There may be two family members in a home with one dog.   Yet a pet store instructor will allow all the dogs to socialize with others, kissing.   This is very cute, but these dogs aren't a member of your “pack” (family). Now, an idiosyncrasy has been allowed.   It takes a few seconds to pick up an idiosyncrasy, but six months to perhaps never breaking it.   Nothing worse than your dog always running to other dogs that are not a member of your pack.

Training 6 or 7 of your own dogs doesn't make a good trainer.   Same as raising your children doesn't make an expert of someone else's child.

Obedience is very important.   It is the nucleus to all training.   Regardless of what you want your dog trained for.   This is why the right trainer is important.

A true trainer has many different theories with positive results of both dog and handler.

Durham Haus Working Dogs understands everyone's environment is different. Training more than 5000 different obedience dogs for as many different reasons clearly shows the versatility of training theories this training facility has.

Durham Haus Working Dogs of Arkansas is very proud to say out of the thousands of dogs trained, NEVER has a shock (electronic) collar been used.   We understand it is easy to train a dog, but tough as heck to teach the owners.

The Internet has helped and confused many obedience seekers.   Today hundreds of websites show the greatest trainers in the country, or your area.   The website is laid out to show the web master's ability.   Carefully weeding through the site and the trainer's resume you find he is no more reputable than the pet store trainers.

A trainer that takes your money for training your dog, regardless of the breed or the training purpose, should be able to show you his personal ring experience.   Your trainer should be able to show where he placed in competition.   You'll be amazed that he has never been critiqued by a judge in his life.   So, who said he was a trainer? This is a must know from customers that are serious about having their dogs trained.

The same pertains to the dogs that come to America trained overseas.   The dog is imported from trainers with training credentials.   When the dog arrives in America the new owner or handler picks up the lead.   He tells his new dog to sit, down, bite or whatever he came over here for.   The new dog does exactly what the new handler says.   Although this new owner or handler had nothing to do with the dog's training, we now have the best dog trainers and websites you want to see.

The second ingredient to any training theory must include the "Child Theory".   Very few trainers know that an adult dog and a two year old child have the same I.Q.   Your dog has the capability to understand up to two hundred words.   Just as a two year old child.   Same as teaching a child to sit and listen.  

A trainer must perfect the "Child Theory" in order to incorporate the two theories together.  

Durham Haus Working Dogs has mastered both the Pack and Child theories.   Trained dogs from Durham Haus Working Dogs must spend more than eight hours on three different days or nights in one spot before it can pass our Obedience training is complete.  

The Durham Haus Trainer understands.   The dog he is training is for someone else.   He is now the dog's dominate litter mate.   (The owners are always the lead wolves) This why it's important for the owner to understand.   If the dominate litter mate can get over eight hours of patience in one spot.   The lead wolf (owner) should be able to have his dog lay anywhere for whatever time is needed.  

This isn't as complicated as it sounds.   The Durham Haus Trainer knows that patience is the way of the wild.  

The word "credentials" is a scary word to many dog trainers.   Their defense is "Dog Psychologist".

Most people don't know there is a difference between a dog trainer and a dog psychologist.   One who instructs a person on how to handle a dog already trained isn't a trainer either.  

A good trainer can't wait for you to ask.   Confident trainers know you can talk all day long about your training ability.   If it is not in black and white, it doesn't mean a thing.

Check your trainer thoroughly.   It doesn't take much to ask the right questions.

The true Trainer takes pride in his work.

If your trainer uses bait, beware!

Gregory Folston Durham

Please contact Durham Haus Working Dogs  for more information.
We are located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

You may also call 501-821-4925
If we are not in, please leave a message and we will call you back.

Due to our daily schedule, we require that you make an appointment to come out and discuss your training needs.

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