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Durham Haus Working Dogs of Arkansas

When You Say `Dog` - Say `Durham`!

The Official Website of Durham Haus Working Dogs of Arkansas since 1996

Importing of Dogs

Importing is just a word if you don't know what you are importing. To import dogs out of the 23rd through 50th ranked dogs does not fit our standards.   The Internet is full of these. Durham Haus Working Dogs imports only from the top five winners from Bundeseigers, WUSV World Union champions and Siegers.   Durham Haus Working Dogs understands a large variety of dogs come from Czechslovakia, Germany and Holland.  

Years of importing the best working dogs for our law officers has kept Durham Haus Working Dogs on top of the law enforcement world with his outstanding K-9 Teams working the streets today.   Trainers and K-9 handlers today that are working Durham Haus dogs understand the priviledge of being able to work with dogs trained by Durham Haus Working Dogs.   The best in the country.  

If you're not importing quality, why waste fellow American's time with weak imports.   When we are producing better than weak ourselves.   Gregory Folston Durham has been importing since 1984 the best working lines in the conuntry.  

The time has come.   America's Ports need experienced dogs and K-9 handlers with proper training.  

Durham Haus Working Dogs knows from experience this need.  

Our Dog Team's support has helped barge owners eliminate many of their questionable problems.  

There is a new need for the heads of the Ports of Entry across America.  

Durham Haus Working Dogs doesn't use professional proposal writers to get a contract.   Professional proposal writers that help unqualified suppliers of dogs have no idea of the service.   Just a great proposal!

Times have changed.  

Ports are planning to invest money for experienced trained dog teams, not experienced proposal writers from a university who don't own a dog.  

This isn't the Durham Haus Working Dogs way!

Our experience is supplying the best solution for the problem: Only the Best!

Ports of Entry in America are now understanding this need.  

Durham Haus Working Dogs understands that as Ports grow, so does the need for strong security.  

Please contact Durham Haus Working Dogs  for more information.
We are located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

You may also call 501-821-4925
If we are not in, please leave a message and we will call you back.

Due to our daily schedule, we require that you make an appointment to come out and discuss your training needs.

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