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Instructor History

Dogs have proven to be man's best friend.  

They can be there for us in the most adverse circumstances.   They have the unique instincts to let us know about our surroundings and about ourselves.  

The statement "dumb dog" is often a reflection of its owner.   Your dog is only as good as his owner or K-9 handler.

The fascinating aspect of a dog is his ability to adapt to the environment he lives in.   As you know, each of our environments are different.

People wonder how do dogs know? How do they know I feel bad today? How can they read a child with autism better than us? How can they identify concealed cancer in a patient? How can they tell my child is about to have a siezure and warn the parents before it happens? How can they be blind-folded and still find a set of keys that have been lost in a field? These are only a drop in the bucket of how a dog can do what it does.

Dogs have been such an integral part of our lives that we have proclaimed them as humanized.   Many of us view our dogs ascribing human form or attributes to a nonhuman thing or being (anthropormorphism).   Some of us will allow our dogs to get away with murder when we have a stricter ground rule for our own children.

This is the very reason it is important to find a reputable trainer to help with your dog.  

I know to find a reputable dog trainer is like finding hen's teeth.  

The trainer you do find will tell you about their own family dogs that they have trained.   Big deal! That's the same as saying "I can train my kids and I know can train your kids." Nonsense!

There are qualified trainers that have trained thousands of other people's dogs.   This is a good starting point.  

This is the basis of the dog training manual "Five Easy Steps to Obedience" by Gregory Folston Durham.  

Mr. Durham understands that what works for my dog doesn't mean it will work for yours.  

The manual "Five Easy Steps to Obedience" is written with the understanding by Mr. Durham that each dog is an individualist.  

He has learned from the thousands of dogs that he's trained.   Through the percentages of successful training you know what to eliminate.

Many trainers have conducted classes from this manual.  

Mr. Durham also knows there aren't any shortcuts.  

Take your time.   The results are positive.  

Please contact Durham Haus Working Dogs  for more information.
We are located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

You may also call 501-821-4925
If we are not in, please leave a message and we will call you back.

Due to our daily schedule, we require that you make an appointment to come out and discuss your training needs.

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