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Service Dogs for Autisim

"Service Dogs For Parents Of Children With Autism"

Can anyone find some relief with autism? Questions about autism are asked every day. Autism has grown to prominence beyond belief. Today no family is excluded from it. The root causes of autism are still in question.

One must understand the true impact autism puts on a family. The parents of children with autism are always willing to do what it takes to help their child. We give our greatest respect to the mother of a child with autism. These mothers give love, courage, strength, patience, devotion, understanding or whatever it takes to help their child. This is not to take away from all loving mothers. But, you must talk to a mother with a child with autism to know autism. You'll never talk to a more loving parent. This parent has no break time, and is constantly kept on her P's and Q's. Is there any relief? Very little!

15 years we didn't have Autism, ADHD, ADD, nor PTSD. The times have changed for the need of the Service Dog for our children. Check your trainer CREDENTIALS. Has he ever trained or certified his own dog for anything pertaining to the Service Dog world?

The question is can a dog help with autism? Autism itself, no. Doctors are still working for a cure.However, a dog properly trained can assist quietly. One must remember an adult dog and a two year old child have about the same IQ. A dog understands a kid. He can point out the kid's weaknesses instantly. The concept of a service dog for autism is as new as the diagnosis of autism itself.

A well trained service dog for autism can help a child with autism with responsibility. We've seen children want the responsibility of taking the dog's lead. A child with autism may tell her mother that she doesn't need her mother to do it that she can do it herself.

The amazing telepathic instinct the dog possesses shows in the ability of the dog to be ahead of the child before the child gets to the door - as seen when the dog is at the door waiting. So much is learned when a dog lives with a child with autism.

This is the gift in a dog. Not a thinking animal. But with the gift to detect. The ability if trained and handled properly to teach you unknowingly many ways to assist.

The parents of a child with autism we speak with remind us of long waiting lists. The long waiting to help parents with a child with autism. A list as long as ten years to wait.

Not at Durham Haus Working Dogs. We understand that you must have the trainers with the experience. If you don't have the experience you can't do the job anyway.

Here is a success story for an Autism Service Dog trained by Durham Haus Working Dogs.

Call with any further questions!

Please contact Durham Haus Working Dogs  for more information.
We are located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

You may also call 501-821-4925
If we are not in, please leave a message and we will call you back.

Due to our daily schedule, we require that you make an appointment to come out and discuss your training needs.

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